Deciding Between a One-Story or Two-Story B&B Home

May 1, 2024

Hey there, future B&B homeowners! Are you caught in the dilemma of deciding between the charm of a cozy one‑story or the allure of a spacious two‑story for your new home? As your trusted new home builder in Laredo, Texas, B&B Homes understands that every family is unique, and so are their housing needs. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of move‑in ready homes that cater to a diverse range of lifestyles and preferences in both one‑story and two‑story options. Which one is right for you?


The Serenity of a Single‑Story Sanctuary

Picture this: easy‑breezy living, all on one level. Our one‑story homes offer a seamless blend of comfort and convenience, perfect for families craving that laid‑back lifestyle. With everything from the primary suite to the kitchen just a few steps away, you’ll relish the simplicity of it all.

Several types of families often prefer one‑story homes due to various factors:

1. Families with Young Children: One‑story homes are often favored by families with young children for safety reasons. With no stairs to navigate, parents can rest easy knowing their little ones can move around freely without the risk of falls.

2. Elderly or Mobility‑Impaired Individuals: Families with elderly relatives or members who have mobility issues may prefer one‑story homes for accessibility reasons. Eliminating stairs makes it easier for them to navigate the home independently and reduces the risk of accidents.

3. Empty Nesters or Retirees: As families transition into empty nesters or retiree status, they often appreciate the convenience and ease of single‑story living. With no need to navigate stairs on a daily basis, one‑story homes offer a more relaxed lifestyle and can accommodate aging in place.

4. Pet Owners: Families with pets, particularly those with older pets or breeds prone to joint issues, may prefer one‑story homes to minimize strain on their furry companions’ joints. Easy access to outdoor spaces also makes it convenient for pet owners to let their pets out for a quick stroll or playtime.

5. Outdoor Enthusiasts: Families who enjoy spending time outdoors, gardening, or hosting outdoor gatherings may prefer one‑story homes with easy access to yards or patio spaces. Single‑story layouts often offer seamless indoor‑outdoor flow, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces to the fullest.


Elevate Your Living Experience with a Two‑Story Treasure

Now, let’s turn our attention to the majestic marvels that are our two‑story homes. These beauties offer an abundance of space and versatility, making them an excellent choice for growing families or those who love to entertain.


Several types of families may prefer two‑story homes for various reasons:

1. Growing Families: Families with children, especially those with multiple children or teenagers, may prefer two‑story homes for the additional space and privacy they provide. Separate living areas on different floors can offer parents and children their own zones, fostering a sense of independence and reducing noise disturbances.

2. Multi‑Generational Families: Families living with grandparents or extended family members may appreciate the separation of living spaces that two‑story homes offer. With bedrooms and living areas on different floors, each generation can enjoy their own privacy while still living under the same roof.

3. Home Office Needs: Families where one or more members work from home may prefer two‑story homes for the ability to designate a quiet, separate space for a home office. The second floor often provides an ideal location away from the main living areas, offering a conducive environment for focused work.

4. Hospitality‑Minded Families: Families who enjoy welcoming relatives and guests from out of town may prefer two‑story homes for their spacious layouts and multiple gathering areas. With living spaces on both floors, hosts can easily accommodate larger gatherings without feeling cramped. Additionally, having a guest room on a separate floor provides privacy and comfort for overnight visitors, ensuring a welcoming and enjoyable stay.

5. Views and Privacy: Families situated in areas with scenic views may opt for two‑story homes to take advantage of elevated vantage points and maximize their views. Additionally, the second floor can offer increased privacy, especially for bedrooms and personal spaces.

6. Space Optimization: Families looking to maximize their living space on smaller lots may find two‑story homes to be a practical choice. By building upward, they can preserve more outdoor space while still achieving the desired square footage indoors.


Make It Your Own

Regardless of whether you choose a one‑story or a two story home, B&B Homes gives you the flexibility to choose from three distinct elevation styles for each floor plan, ensuring that you achieve the precise look that you’re after.

After selecting the ideal floor plan for your family, your next step is perusing our thoughtfully curated array of finishes and features. Personally handpicked by Cristel Brittingham, our decorator and selections coordinator, each option guarantees a blend of timeless elegance, contemporary flair, and exceptional craftsmanship.


So, Which One Is Right for You?

Ah, the million‑dollar question! Ultimately, the decision between a one‑story and a two‑story home boils down to your unique needs and preferences. Visit us online at www.bbhomes‑ to look through our various floorplans. For one‑story options, check out the Inca and the Green Jay. For two‑story options, look for the California, Blue, Scaled, Gambel and Bob White models.

Contact our friendly B&B Homes team today at 956‑725‑8000 to schedule a home tour and discover the perfect home for you and your family. Happy house hunting, Laredo!